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Keep It pHresh Cleansing Wipes

Keep It pHresh Cleansing Wipes

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Ditch the Discomfort & Dive into Confidence with Our Keep It pHresh Wipes!

Sick of feeling icky down there? Us too! That's why we created our Keep It pHresh Feminine Wipes.
These wipes are basically BFFs with your lady bits!

  • Super Soft & Gentle: Made with cloud-like wipes that feel amazing, no more ouch! ☁️
  • Keeps You Fresh: Infused with a light, clean scent to keep you feeling confident all day, ditch the stink eye!
  • No More Irritating Itch: Made with soothing botanicals like aloe vera and chamomile to keep things calm down there.
  • Perfect for on-the-Go: Individually wrapped for easy breezy freshness, wherever you roam!
  • Balanced for You: pH-balanced to match your body's natural awesomeness. Healthy hoo-ha = happy hoo-ha!

Our wipes are your go-to for:

  • Period Power: Stay clean and comfy during your monthly visitor. 🩸
  • Post-Workout Freshness: Feelin' all sweaty? No problem, we got you!
  • Daily Delight: Maintain a clean and fresh feeling, every single day!
  • Travel Essentials: Toss them in your purse for a quick refresh, anywhere, anytime! ✈️
  • Pure Water
  • Aloe Vera
  • Chamomile
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great for on the go

Danielle Felder

Keep It pHresh Cleansing Wipes

Shelby H

absolutely love these! They make me feel so clean, very gentle, no harsh chemical feeling, gave me such a confidence boost after using it! I keep these with me now everywhere I go.

Janice Andrews

Keep It pHresh Cleansing Wipes


they are gentle and not irritating at all. Would definitely buy again. I use to freshen up my body after a workout if I can’t shower right away.